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JETT provides professional lateral solutions to fixed wing and rotary customer requirements throughout the world, with particular emphasis on safety and efficiency on each and every flight. Creativity plays a key role in the management of our supply chain, logistics, distribution, people transportation and exceptional customer service.

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We move faster, respond sooner and deliver more. Our clients trust us with precious cargo because we’ve proven our ability to react quickly, protect your cargo and deliver on time anywhere in the world.

  • ACMI & Full Charter Services
  • Time Critical Freight
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Heavy & Outsize Cargo
  • Humanitarian & Relief Cargo

With ACMI, CMI and Ad-hoc charter services, we have the infrastructure you need to get your cargo where it needs to be—when it needs to be there. 

Our managed aircraft include:

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JETT provides our UH-1H “Huey” helicopter for fire-fighting operations. It is highly versatile and capable of undertaking demanding work in hot and often highly hostile flying environments. 

Our next-generation technology provides specific benefits to firefighting operations.  Our Huey’s digital glass cockpit with flight management system provides improved situational awareness as well as precision hover capability using an enhanced global positioning system and an inertial navigation system. 

We are able to quickly deploy a nine- person fire crew wherever needed as well as battle fires with water/foam drops. We also provide medical evacuations, backfiring operations, (internal and external loads), infra-red mapping of incidents and numerous non-fire emergency missions. 

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Flying Private. Simply.

Experience a world customized for you and your guests – your time, your place, your destination. Private aviation provides exclusive privacy and convenience, and distinguishes you from the crowd.  Every trip requirement is different.  Be it a domestic hop or a multi-destination international trip, our experience shines on every leg.

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Aircraft Sales

JETT is the preeminent partner in private jet and helicopter transactions. Our innovative, personalized approach to bespoke customer satisfaction allows us to consistently exceed our clients' expectations at every turn.

Our platform allows you to securely transact a private jet or helicopter acquisition for your own private use or to enroll in one of our aircraft management programs to diversify your asset portfolio.

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Aircraft Asset Management

Whether you own one aircraft or a fleet, a light business jet, utility helicopter, cargo aircraft or a VIP airliner, fly a thousand hours annually or  just want to maximize charter revenue. We possess the experience and resources to ensure a fantastic ownership experience and return on your investment.

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  • Safe and Secure transactions with our third party Escrow provider
  • Access to Exclusive Charter and Cargo Aircraft and Helicopters
  • 24/7 Flight Operations Concierge Service
  • Tax Mitigation through our JETTAX program
  • White Glove Aircraft Management
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Taxes for Assets Program

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, included changes that made buying a private jet and helicopter more attractive than ever. The tax code now allows 100 percent bonus depreciation for an aircraft purchase. In other words, the entire cost of either a new or used jet can be written off in the first year for business use. 

We provide a turn key solution to assist in your needs to mitigate your tax exposure, especially for crypto owners, and allow you to take advantage of private aircraft ownership combined with the business use to maximize revenue.

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  • Expert guidance with a luxury aviation concierge program that fulfills your personal needs and desire by strategically investing to establish a profitable portfolio expansion in aviation 
  • Our JETT team of experts in aircraft sales and Fintech focuses on the growth of your portfolio with the attentiveness to the security and the growth your investment deserves. 
  • Seasoned tactical financial and aviation operations team actively creating opportunities of transactions, building a profitable portfolio through our contractor relationships and closely managing your aviation assets by structuring your transactions so that you reap the largest tax benefits through the effective use of capital gains tax law.  
  • Real time email updates keep you informed of your asset and its appreciation through extensive communication with clients and their advisors, discussing investment performance, economic and market trends with internal and external resources to meet the estate planning goals of our clients.
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About Us

JETT is a tightly integrated group of skilled and achievement-oriented aviation professionals with over 25 years of experience in various aspects of aviation operations, business and finance.

With our head office located in Cape Town, South Africa & a satellite office in California, USA, the success of JETT can be attributed to inspirational leadership, entrepreneurship, global reach and a professional team with rigorous customer focus, which has enabled JETT to grow and expand its business globally by responding to the changing customer needs and multiple government deployments whilst upholding the values of integrity, service excellence and social responsibility.

As aircraft owners ourselves, we understand the complex world of aircraft operations, sales, leasing, contracting and finance.

JETT operates a combination of scheduled and adhoc charters for cargo, helicopter operations and private jets charters along with value-added leasing services.

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